Daydream believer…

Sitting in that primary school classroom, I looked out the window and started to daydream (again), I dreamed of what I would do, who I would become, the world for me then was so full of wonder and curiosity.

From an early age I was both a dreamer and a helper, and knew I was different, school learning seemed tricky somehow, despite those extra remedial classes. I later found out that I was dyslexic, even now I need help with my written work, later on I realised I also had ADHD.

Being neurodivergent means your brain is wired differently, it affects all of my life, my memory, how I process things, how I see the world and my energy. It’s also given me great gifts and over time I worked out how to unlock my brain and potential.

So here I am, that kid who had remedial lessons, has dyslexia, and is a proud neurodivergent and now an author!! (I did chapter 10)

The IWOW Inspirational Women in Business book is a collection of stories to lift you up and inspire you. All the proceeds of the book will go towards creating a women’s collaborative in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, supporting them with business and sustainability for them and their families.

Inspirational Women in Business out now!

A new book by Helen coming in November 2022!

5 Steps to Lift off

5 Steps to Lift off is a guidebook for those who want to understand and take charge of their primal brain. In this book you will learn:

  • The 5 steps to lift off when your primal brain kicks in.
  • Understand the fight, flight, and freeze of your primal brain.
  • What’s going on when your mood goes up and down.
  • How tricky times can affect how you think and respond.
  • Hints & tips to reduce those lift-off moments.
  • Strategies for when they have kicked in.
  • How to create your very own Primal Brain Owner’s Tool Kit.