You’re a purpose-driven organisation, maybe a club, SME, charity or large corporate organisation, public or private sector, committed to making a difference and impact for good. 

But you…

  • Are not sure how to support neurodiverse staff
  • Would like to unleash your teams full potential
  • Want to embed some practical wisdom into your team

We have a range of workshops, courses and offer consultancy to support your organisational needs.

We provide…

  • ND Awareness: Our entry level offer that improves general awareness of neurodiversity covering the key traits, language, challenges/gifts and touches on what adaptations can look like.
  • ND M&L: Aimed at managers and leaders to have a more in-depth understanding about neurodiversity in the workforce. Explores strategies to engage effectively, empower, equity approaches, with a detailed look at reasonable adjustments and some case study examples.
  • ND Thrive: This supports enhancing common neurodivergent challenges – open to those with or without a diagnosis (Many don’t feel comfortable to disclose but it is estimated that 1 in 7 are neurodiverse!). ND Thrive is a collection of various courses and modules. They are designed for people struggling in any of the following areas. 
    • Attention and focus
    • Planning and organising
    • Emotional regulation
    • Restful and restorative sleep
    • Imposter Syndrome – Coming Soon!
    • Managing Neurodiversity & Fibro – Coming Soon!

    The truth is many Neurodivergent folk struggle with these things, and ND Thrive is there for you, whether you have a diagnosis or not.

Image of a cover page showing the words rhythm for results

Rhythm For Results: An inclusive programme to release your teams full potential, where we pull together individual voices to create one song.

  • Bespoke Solutions and Consultancy: We can of course make things bespoke according to what’s needed too.

The effect we have….

Want to find out more?

From one person, to thousands, we can help

  • Clubs
  • Charities
  • CIC’s
  • LTD Companies
  • NHS Trusts


Image of a sketch person doing karate with words 'power move' under it

Case Study 1: We partnered with NHS Kent & Medway Trust as part of their “Waiting Well” program to support over 1000 individuals on the waiting list for an assessment.

This collaboration offers two support pathways: weekly group sessions that cover taught elements, problem-solving, and check-ins for those who prefer smaller, more frequent segments; and four comprehensive workshops that provide practical tips and actionable takeaways.

It also gives participants access to an online resource area and community threads, all delivered by Neurospicy staff and Neurodivergent allies.

The program has received positive feedback, highlighting improvements in participants’ understanding and self-approach, demonstrating the significant impact of this targeted support.

Case Study 2: We have partnered with numerous charities, including The Kite Trust and Womens Budget Group to provide coaching, support and action learning sets.

These collaborations included talks and workshops all which have received positive feedback.

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Practical Wisdom is a not-for-profit organisation and have a co-production model with the neurodivergent community. If what you need is not here let us know! Be part of our testing crew where you get 50% off beta course your helping with.