Have you always felt like you didn’t quite fit in or realised you think about things a bit different to others? Has adulting got harder since you started a new relationship, went to university, got a promotion, and became a parent?

You may have a diagnosis such as ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia or think maybe you have traits of these things, organising tricky, can be forgetful, maybe a bit  hyper, spelling all over the place, struggle with change and transition, or maybe don’t quite get some social cues and socialising with people drains you…

I am here to tell you you are not alone and these struggles can be very common for neurodivergent folk. There ARE things you can do to help make life easier and I can show you how. I’ve been there, I’ve got the tshirt and I’ve found ways to thrive and help others to do the same. I have been a nurse and coach for decades, Trustee for a not for profit and a queer single parent so getting it can feel tough out there. I’m here to empower you to…

  • Find strategies relating to your disabilities that work in your parenting world
  • Enhance your joy and harmony
  • Maximise your superpowers

Here to help you navigate the waters of everyday life.

Find your spark, find your flow.

What is it like to work with me?

  • Fun and interactive with a guaranteed ahha moment!
  • Work with someone who gets you, is perceptive and is by your side on this journey.
  • Plain speaking. No jargon. Challenging, but in a compassionate, caring way.
  • I help you find a way that works for you while alongside others who you can identify with.

Whom I help…

I particularly help people who have neurodivergent traits. Some of you may have a diagnosis and others may be thinking things like…

  • “It’s tricky to get organised for me”
  • “Parenting is a bit different to what I was expecting”
  • “How do I manage the ups and downs?”

This is where I can help, I help you find the key to the strategies that will work for you where you are at.

Practical ReWire

Practical ReWire is a six-week course that is specifically aimed at increasing focus and concentration via physical and mental exercises.

Helping you thrive!

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I really enjoyed her delivery and style. She was also so patient with us all.

Ready to solve our problems so we could all see what was possible for ourselves when applying the simple but great strategies she showed us.

Yvonne Omini


In a short space of time she gave me some golden tips / tools, with emotional support and permission to work with my processes rather than against it.

Helen's advice was friendly, accessible and exactly what I needed!

Adam Bastock