Neurodiverse Champion Scheme

This is for any individuals or organisations that wants to promote themselves as being Neurodivergent inclusive and supportive. 

It includes a ‘Neurodivergent charter’ to sign up to, which you will find below and is open to clubs, groups and organisations no matter the size.

Examples of the scheme email signature cards

You may be asking yourself “Why be a Champion?”. This is a very good question! The answer?

The value of visibility.

The CIPD February 2024 Neuro inclusion at Work Report found that just 51% of managers appreciated the value of Neurodiversity and the importance of having a Neuro inclusive organisation. Worse still, just 46% felt capable and confident to support Neurodivergent individuals in the workplace.

This can and, frankly, must change.

In fact, the Harvard Business Review specifically touts Neurodiversity as a competitive advantage because it often imparts many strengths and positive traits.

Chances are, you have Neurodiverse people in your team right now. You may know of some of them, but we guarantee there are people who fly under the radar, battling internal battles to do a fantastic job for you and your organisation. Neurodiversity can be tricky to talk about, and in some workplaces there is a stigma attached to it.

By being an ND Champion or Ally you will help facilitate a proactive and safe space relating to Neurodiversity. A space to enquire and be supported to overcome any issues or stigma.

This is the first version of the charter; it will be reviewed after six months to ensure it’s still fit for purpose, and to ensure it’s in line with current legislation. After that, we will move to an annual review.

We will also contact you to canvas your opinion, meaning the charter will be updated not only by us, but by you, our community members.

Neurodiverse Champion Charter

I am dedicated to advocating for the empowerment and psychological well-being of the Neurodivergent community. By introducing innovative support methods, ensuring representation, and creating role-modelling opportunities, I aim to foster a nurturing and psychologically safe environment for Neurodivergent individuals.

As an organisation, club or individual I pledge to:

  • Educate about myself and others about Neurodiversity, the intersection of Neurodiversity and trauma, and the intersection of Neurodiversity and comorbid disabilities.
  • Create meaningful spaces for the Neurodivergent community to seek help ask questions without judgement.
  • Provide meaningful support and accommodations to ensure that Neurodivergent individuals can fully participate and thrive in their chosen endeavours.
  • Give space for the safe expression of vulnerabilities.
  • Celebrate the strengths of the Neurodivergent communities.
  • Champion trauma informed practice and proper representation.
  • Be accepting of Neurodivgent people wherever they are on their journey.
  • Will actively have conversations about boundary setting to make sure everyone in my environment is psychologically safe.
  • Be committed to always be learning about what the Neurodivergent community needs and be always willing to listen to the voices of others.
  • Engage in meaningful partnerships to increase the support, visibility and empowerment for the Neurodivergent community.
  • Celebrate the achievements of Neurodivergent champions, allies and promote their stories to inspire change.

By signing this pledge, I join a community committed to creating a more inclusive world. I recognise the importance of this cause and the impact it can have on countless lives. Together, we can make a difference.