Our regular social meetup group in Brighton

South East Amigos

Join Helen and Suzi for a relaxed evening where you can connect with other like minded humans and be yourself!

Our group is a supportive and social space for people in the South East of England with ADHD or ADHD traits. Our aim is to provide a safe space for people to get to know other like-minded folk, make friends, and have fun. 🌼❤️

We meet regularly on the 2nd Thursday of each month…

Are you a neurodivergent person in Healthcare?

Neurodivergent Healthcare Staff Support Group

We’re currently setting up a neurodivergent support group for healthcare staff. It’s an informal group, meeting alternating months, online.

Chatting, swapping hints & tips about our diversity & what helps in the work place.

It is an inclusive space, not about hierarchy or profession but as healthcare professionals wherever we may work.

Please share to those who may be interested.

Come join us celebrating differences…

International Neurodivergent Pride Day

Often, people who experience neurological differences are not accepted in society. They are often labeled as different and lacking in empathy and humanity.

This separation causes many people to experience mental-shaming or negative self-talk, which can lead to mental illness or worse, suicide.

International Neurodivergent Pride Day is a day for everyone to celebrate their individual differences, work together for equality, and build communities that accept diversity. Come together on June 18th to celebrate the beauty of being different!

A family-friendly one-day festival full of fun activities and music…


The world is seeing more and more people like you – those who are different. More and more people are unafraid to be themselves and celebrate that.

So if you’re of the thinker, talker, mover, or doer type; the creative, creative-curious or creative-builder; the free-spirited or free-thinker; or just someone who wants to have fun and embrace originality with a family friendly environment then Neurofest is for you!

Neurofest is a one day festival promoting difference and originality. The event will have many family friendly activities as well as free workshops.

More information will follow soon…