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30 Day Results Or Refund Guarantee

Not only is there no contracts... we even guarantee results in the first 30 days. If you implement our plan and don't make progress towards your goals, we'll give you every penny back. It's quite literally RESULTS or your money back.

“[Helen] enabled me to let go of things I didn’t need to be thinking about and made the things I did need to be thinking about more fun. Since working with her, I get so much more done!”


Why Helen’s Coaching Is The Go-To For Real Results Anytime, Anywhere…

  1. A plan custom built for you – a plan that suits your goals, likes/dislikes and routines…
  2. Nothing within your plans that you couldn’t see yourself doing (or want to do) long term…
  3. Accountability – both from Helen and the community of people on the same journey – to keep you rocking as you adopt new habits…
  4.  And FINALLY… feedback at every step.
  5. It’s the feedback you give your coach after a couple weeks, and the adjustments your coach will make bespoke and tailored to you that create the INCREDIBLE results!

“It really gave me a safe space to share my thoughts and feelings and to really go inward and imagine what my life could look like without the overwhelm!”



“In a short space of time she gave me some golden tips / tools, with emotional support and permission to work with my processes rather than against it.

Helen’s advice was friendly, accessible and exactly what I needed!”

Adam Bastock


“I really enjoyed her delivery and style. She was also so patient with us all.

She was ready to solve our problems so we could all see what was possible for ourselves when applying the simple but great strategies she showed us.”

Yvonne Omini

And As They Say On The Game Shows:

“But, Sally, That’s Not All…”

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BONUS: Get an additional 28-day Vibrant Health course with Kate Carrey

In addition to your Parent Thrive membership, you’ll get access to our special 28-day Vibrant Health course lead by Kate, where you’ll discover all about healthy and sustainable nutrition to help you along the journey! 🌱

Are you ready to get stuff done and live a happy family life?

Here’s what the next month with Helen will look like!

  1. We will have an introductory meeting for everyone on the course and we will talk about YOUR specific problems and issues which are going to help you maximise your results as quickly as possible!
  2. Daily check-ins, so we can fast-track your goals, always be in the loop and therefore we’ll always know what’s going on!
  3. You’ll get full access to our Study Owl learning and community platform, as well as our private FB group
  4. Worksheets which you can keep and use forever! All of the worksheets are created by myself, an expert coach and a clinical director in the NHS!
  5. You’ll receive a plethora of supporting material for you to keep in forms of informative PDFs and PowerPoint presentations that you can always refer back to
  6. You will also get access to all our previous meetings in the form of recordings!
  7. Throughout the course we will provide you with additional information about different topics via our Podcasts and video tutorials!
  8. And there will much more, such as our supportive community of parents, where you will always feel welcomed and understood

Join now and get thriving...

Oh and remember – it’s RESULTS or your money back (if you need anything else)

“Hey Helen, I have to tell you that the course is very helpful for me and I am very grateful for being a part if it, it was a lot of fun ♥️

I am printing all of the PowerPoint Presentations of course!”

Darinka Miteva

“Helen helped us work through some strategies to support our son, and to cope better ourselves when things went a bit wonky. She left us feeling seen, empowered and with a book full of notes and routes forward.

It’s been night and day since then. Our relationship with each other has improved massively, my step son’s school work is on track and he’s happy. What more can you ask for?”

Client wished to stay anonymous

One last thing – if you’re wondering “Is the course even for me?”

  • Have you always found organisation a challenge?
  • Is timekeeping hard?
  • Is transitioning from one thing to another tricky?
  • Does your energy fluctuate?
  • And, like me, are you a sensitive soul?
  • Have all of these things got harder since becoming a parent?

As someone with ADHD traits and dyslexia myself, once I became a parent I found all my old strategies for keeping my life under control became redundant. All the tips and tricks I had learned no longer worked!

Becoming a foster parent and then adopting also meant there was a whole new world to learn to take a therapeutic parent and trauma informed approach. It’s one thing to read it in the books but doing it in real life was challenging at times, I needed support and coaching myself which now I pay forward.

As time progressed it became more apparent that my child had some additional special needs which was another learning curve both in supporting them and processing for me. It was emotional and required navigating the complex systems in health, social care and education.

In the past few years I’ve managed to reclaim my mojo and I want to help you do the same.

No matter which of these applies, this course is for you!

“[Helen] is someone that I have found to be easily approachable and with whom it is possible to quickly build trust, thus enabling honest sharing of my experiences. Helen has a wealth of experience and knowledge, but most noticeably possesses the greater ability of making that accessible to others in a relatable and relevant way.

Through our support sessions Helen has enabled me to view situations from differing perspectives resulting in me being able to identify positives in situations that I had previously only viewed as negative.”

Tracy Kerr

“It was an amazing experience working with you. Sharing with us all your knowledge it was an amazing and important thing you have done. I’m going to miss you.”

Yllka Shehaj

Take Control. Let's Make it Happen.Last chance to get your membership at the introductory price! 👉

30 Day Results Or Refund Guarantee

Not only is there no contracts... we even guarantee results in the first 30 days. If you implement our plan and don't make progress towards your goals, we'll give you every penny back. It's quite literally RESULTS or your money back.